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Why Does Your Beauty Business Need a Landing Page?

Why Does Your Beauty Business Need a Landing Page?


Landing pages are marketers best-kept secret. They look like any other web page but they have incredible power in driving conversions. If you’ve got a promotion in your beauty business and you want to tell customers all about it, your landing page is where the magic happens. It can help you target particular customer segments and guide them through your sales funnel.


 Let’s explore more about what a landing page is, why it’s important and why your beauty business needs it. 


What’s a landing page anyway? 

A landing page bridges the gap between an ad and the next step the visitors take in engaging with your content. The page is usually the first page a customer lands on once clicking an ad. These prospects are at the top of the funnel. The landing page is one of the first steps in the entire funneling process. 


The content on a landing page is specifically targeted to the visitors who click on the ad. It’s simplistic, with minimal navigation and content that’s easily scannable, eliminating distraction that competes for your visitor’s undivided attention. 


It’s different to a homepage or any other page on your website. It’s a stand-alone page that’s designed to create conversions. Landing pages include a call to action such as a button allowing a customer to buy now, subscribe or learn more. A click on this button signals a micro-conversion in the funneling process. 


Why are landing pages important? 

You’ve gone through all the effort to set up a beautiful ad campaign for your beauty business. You’ve set up an Instagram ad. Anyone who views the ad can click through directly to your home page. There are at least fifty clicks on your ad but no one’s signing up. What’s going on? 


Here’s the thing, once a prospect lands on your homepage or service page, they are lost. A landing page gives your visitor the information they need by leading them in the right direction with a specific goal. The goals can be a newsletter sign up or creating an account. This is known as micro-conversions. It’s a way to warm up your customers and initiate a conversation without jumping straight to the macro-conversion, committing to buying. Micro-conversions help you understand why your prospect is coming to you and how to offer them a promotion they’ll love. 


Can a landing page really benefit my beauty business? 

The end goal of any ad campaign is to increase conversions and that’s what a landing page will do for your beauty business. It can help you reach new niche markets, promote new products, get new customers and close more sales. 


Landing pages also have tremendous SEO potential. The use of a landing page can heavily affect your websites search ranking. Optimizing your page can help customers find the solutions they need quickly. Google loves this. Few options on a page can make navigation and finding information easier on a prospect and will lead them down a clear path to conversion. 


These pages can also help you generate data and insight on your customers to understand their needs. With data, customer preferences become clearer. This can help you create promotions and campaigns that meet those needs. Ultimately, increasing sales. 


We can help you create a high converting landing page 

If you’re a beauty professional and you’re ready to get started on your digital marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Our agency specializes in creating high performing landing pages for hairstylists and lash technicians. We are conversion optimization specialists that can help you increase lead generation. We can help with webpage design, content optimization, PPC strategy and CRM integration.


A great design for your website is just a starting point. If you’re running ad campaigns, you should continually be testing. Slight adjustments can result in huge wins especially in the beauty industry. Our agency relentlessly tests performance and optimizes until we get the right balance. We meticulously make tweaks to headlines, call to actions, offers and value propositions to help you get the most out of your campaign.


Get in touch with us today or send us an email at for a free proposal to find out more about our landing page design and A/B testing services. We work with Facebook, Wix, WordPress and MailChimp

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